Increase in CWD Samples during 2018 DNR Surveillance Season

According to a study conducted by the
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources there has been an increase in chronic
wasting disease samples in white-tailed deer during the 2018 surveillance
Wisconsin had 1,060
white-tailed deer test positive for the disease during the 2018 surveillance
year, which is 463 more than last year’s 2017 study; however state wildlife
health officials say the number of deer tested in 2018 was double that of 2017.
More than 17,200 deer were sampled and tested for CWD statewide in 2018,
compared to 9,841 in 2017.


While most of the deer that tested positive
were found in the endemic area, new positive readings were found in Fond du Lac
County. Marquette County along with eleven other counties were also added to
the list of counties affected by CWD during the 2018 calendar year. There are a
total of 56 counties in Wisconsin that have tested positive for CWD.


Self-serve kiosks and enhanced communication
and outreach efforts have been implemented in 2018 to help enhance sampling
numbers and increase options in the world of electronic registration.
individuals or organizations are able to volunteer and Adopt-a-Kiosk (AAK)
throughout the deer season. Along with Kiosks the volunteers and organizations
can Adopt-a-Dumpster.These would provide hunters with appropriate deer carcass
waste disposal.


For more information regarding ways to reduce
the spread and overall CWD information in Wisconsin, visit the DNR’s website at To report a sick deer on the landscape, search keywords “sick
deer” or contact a local wildlife biologist.