Interest In Former FDL County Sheriff Sparks Womans Genealogy Efforts

A Gridley, California woman who bought a motor home and traveled with her 84-year-old father this summer to visit the Fond du Lac County area says it further fueled her desire to learn more about her heritage. Pat Bell says Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Secretary Donna Whitty reached out to the family to see if they had photos of Neil Currie Bell a Fond du Lac County Sheriff elected in 1883. Pat says she started doing genealogy on the family. She says that’s when Neil became a real person to her. She learned Neil’s parents John and Margaret Bell were born in Scotland and immigrated to Canada. Eventually they moved to Wisconsin. She says now in addition to trying a good photo of Neil for the Sheriff’s history wall, she’s trying to locate photos of Neil’s brother Malcom C. Bell who lived in the area. She says she was given a photo of Neil Currie Bell in his Civil War uniform, but it is not in the best shape. Those who can help with a photo of Neil Currie Bell can contact Whitty at the Sheriff’s Department at (920) 929-3372. Meanwhile Pat says she’s starting a Facebook page for her genealogy efforts.