Interim Chief Recommends Appointments

The City of Fond du Lac Police and Fire Commission will meet Thursday to discuss the proposed appointments for three current officers, and the appointment of a new patrol officer.

The agenda for tomorrow includes the discussion of Anthony Hahn to Police Captain effective July 13, 2021. Interim Chief Aaron Goldstein is recommending that Hahn, who is currently a Lieutenant, be promoted to the rank of Captain pending the retirement of Captain Jon Gutzmann July 26.

Goldstein is also recommending that current School Resource Officers Steve Olson and Michael Gales be promoted to Lieutentants. Those positions came about due to the retirements of Lieutentant Tina Braun back in January of this year, and the recent retirement of Lieutentant Ed Wenzel back in June.

The interim chief is also recommending the approval of Logan Kummer to Patrol Officer effective July 19. The commission is set to meet Thursday at 4pm.