Investigation Closes, Special Prosecutor Won’t File Charges Against Detective Ledger

KFIZ has learned that the special prosecutor assigned to the investigation of FDL PD Detective William Ledger is declining to prosecute Detective Ledger for any allegations that were brought against the detective.

Sources close to the investigation say the decision to not submit charges happened on or around June 11, 2021, and that the special prosecutor declined to prosecute Ledger, the investigation is closed, and no other investigative efforts will take place.

KFIZ had reached out to City Attorney Deb Hoffman back on June 7, in regards to the investigation, and at the time Hoffmann told us “I do not have anything to report right now.”

In an letter sent via email Tuesday, Hoffmann said “The City and Department’s Administration have previously refused to comment publicly on Det. Ledger’s status to avoid potentially influencing the special prosecutor’s criminal review.  Similarly, the Department did not proceed with its internal investigation during the criminal review.

The special prosecutor’s criminal review is and remains a separate process from the Department’s internal investigation.  The City is assessing next steps regarding the internal investigation now that the criminal review is complete.  Detective Ledger remains on administrative leave pending investigation.

We have provided a Woznicki Notice to Detective Ledger and his attorney.  Upon the completion of the statutory waiting period, if no litigation has been commenced, the City will release the special prosecutor’s report.”

Detective Ledger has been on paid administrative leave since August of 2020.