Investigation Underway Into Cause Of Wayside Bar And Grill Fire

Investigators are sifting through the debris of the Wayside Bar & Grill in Fond du Lac to determine the cause and origin of the fire that burned the tavern down Wednesday morning. Assistant Police Chief Steve Klein says police, fire and rescue and the state Division of Criminal Investigation are doing a joint investigation. He says it’s a painstaking process where they go through the building and try and eliminate potential causes until they can determine what did cause the fire. He says they will be using heavy equipment to sift through what remains of the popular fish fry site. He says the roof and second floor collapsed into the first floor and there is a lot they have to go through. As with the Last Stop Lanes and the St. Louis Church fires, fencing has been put up to protect the scene and keep people out could injure themselves by entering the property. About a dozen fire departments responded to the fire at 295 West Division Street Wednesday morning.