Investigators And Prosecutors Drew Strength From Berit Beck’s Parents

Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s investigators and the District Attorney’s Office drew strength from the parent’s of murder victim Berit Beck as they continued to investigate and prosecute her killer. Dennis Brantner entered an Alford plea last Friday to a second degree reckless homicide charge. Beck was killed in Fond du Lac in 1990. District Attorney Eric Toney says Berit’s parents Dave and Diane Beck remained strong over those 27 ½ years and investigators and prosecutors drew strength from that. He says, “I don’t think it is easy for anyone to work through this and the emotion of these types of cases, but to see a family that is so strong that really gives everybody strength. It kind of reminds me a little bit of Trevor Casper’s parents Kevin and Debbie and how strong they are.” State Trooper Trevor Casper was killed in a shoot out with a bank robber in Fond du Lac in March of 2015. A murder trial for Brantner in June of 2016 ended with a hung jury. Toney says they knew they would never be able to get Brantner to admit on record he killed Berit, but an Alford plea led to his conviction. He says, “And so we had a pretty good idea of what the jury thought and we knew know matter what the verdict was or what the plea was it wasn’t going to change what we knew unless he would be willing to share more information about what happened and that’s just not something that was in the cards.” Brantner will be sentenced on March 1st.