Investigators Feeling Hopeful in Renewed Jane Doe Case

Fond du Lac County investigators are continuing to hunt for clues in the decade-old case of Jane Doe. The body of the unidentified girl was exhumed last month and sent to Utah for isotope and genealogical testing, which Lieutenant Cameron McGee says the testing shows “where you live, where you reside, there are certain
isotopes that would be specific to the
du Lac
area. So everything you eat, everything you
drink would be specific to geographically being in
Fond du Lac. Because this is where we live.
We eat the products around here, the water we drink is specific to this area.
There is now testing out there that can determine where a person previously
With the testing underway, McGee thinks the case is back on the right track, because “we’ve really had the privilege of working with some experts over the past few weeks in getting this thing together. We’ve learned a lot, and I tell you, I’m very confident we’re going to identify her at the very least.” The county is working with federal agencies, including the Center for Missing and Exploited Children and the FBI to find closure in the case.