It Was A Tornado No Doubt In the Minds Of Brandon Residents

Brandon Police Chief Tom Dornbrook says village residents had little doubt they had been through a tornado. National Weather Service officials at first said it was straight line winds, but later confirmed it was an EF-1 tornado with winds up to 112 miles an hour. Dornbook says a number of village residents saw the funnel. He says at least 25 witnesses saw the funnel and the debris twirling in the air. He says most people who had damage to their homes are insured, but the Village’s Public Works Department could use state funding to reimburse them for their work following the tornado. He says Fond du Lac County Emergency Management will try and get some state money for Brandon’s DPW.  Dornbrook says to quote DPW Chief Vance Henning if you were going to have a tornado this was the best scenario. As Henning put it no one was hurt or killed and power throughout most of the village was restored by midnight.