It’s The “End of the Trail” For Proposed Logo Design In Waupun

There will be no new logo designed for wayfinding signs in the City of Waupun.

That decision came Tuesday night as the Waupun City Council voted to move forward with the current “City of Waupun” crop logo, rather than implementing the “End of the Trail” silhouette idea presented by Waupun Mayor Rohn Bishop.

Bishop had campaigned on the idea, and said the outcome was not ideal, but also said the City Council had spoken, and with their opposition, it’s obvious it’s time to move on.

There was concern that going back to the design proposed by Bishop, could open the City of Waupun up for potential lawsuits.

With Council’s decision this week, the wayfinding signs will now be installed with the generic crop logo, which will replace the old blue wayfinding signs around town.