“Jane Doe” Exhumed

The process of attempting to identify Fond du Lac County’s Jane Doe is now underway. The unidentified girl was found dead in 2008 – but there is still no tip on who she could be. New technology should allow forensic anthropologists will take the body and identify which region of the country she may be from – and find any notable features she may have had. 

Sheriff Mick Fink says someone has to recognize her eventually
 – and once that happens, then police can open a case. Fink says “
The more eyes we get on Jane Doe, the less likely it is we’ll have to come back out here and put her in this grave. That’s really what the aim is. Identify her, then we’ll begin the investigation.” 

The testing being done should be able to pinpoint the general area of where the girl is from. Fink hopes facial reconstruction images can be spread around the country, in hopes that someone will come forward. 

Anthropologists also know the girl walked a certain way, knock-kneed and pigeon toed – but are now trying to figure out if her gait was distinctive enough for people to notice. Fink says the forensic process is expected to take somewhere from 4 to 6 months to complete – and once the girl is identified, then an investigation can begin. He tells us the more people who get their eyes on the images and information – the less likely it is that deputies will have to return her to the grave.