Johnson Consulting Meets With Park Board, City Council

The Lakeside Park Advisory Board and the Fond du Lac City Council had their first chance to hear from the consulting firm hired to put together a feasibility study regarding the Lakeside Park Master Plan. 

Chicago-based Johnson Consulting answered questions for the better part of two hours Wednesday afternoon, with Charlie Johnson, founder of the firm, telling everyone they are in the early stages of the study. Ultimately, Johnson said, they are here to offer support and assume an advisory role when it comes to the Master Plan. They will look all facets of the Master Plan, and work to decide what works, and what doesn’t, in Lakeside Park. 

Johnson made it known, early on, that his firm is looking at and listening to information from all sides of the table. “We are an independent third party. We want to ask questions, get the spirit of the project understood, and get input on what the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities are, so we can reflect on that and take that under advisement as we move forward.” Johnson Consulting was paid approximately $36,000 for the feasibility study, and the goal is to have the study completed by late October.