Johnson No Quick Fix For Affordable Care Act

U.S. Senator Ron Johnson doesn’t like the term “repeal and replace” when it comes to the Affordable Care Act. He says Republicans can make changes to “Obamacare,” but it is too fully implemented to repeal the whole thing. He says the only way to repeal parts of Obamacare is with Democrats help. He says the reality is Democrats will have to help Republicans fix the mess and that will take time and effort.  He says Obamacare has disrupted healthcare insurance markets and the delivery system. He says 20 million people are receiving subsidies for healthcare insurance. He says the market reforms have also caused some real damage with premiums on the individual market doubling and tripling. He says they need to repair the damage and transition to a system that actually does work at improving access, quality and care. Johnson says that will take much more than a quick repeal.

In the photo Senator Johnson, his wife Jane, and Vice President Joe Biden swearing Johnson in for a second term of office Tuesday in Washington, D.C.