Judge To Announce Injunction Decision Friday Afternoon

Another major decision regarding the Lakeside Park Alternative Master Plan will be made this afternoon. Winnebago County Judge Teresa Basiliere will issue the announcement at 2p Friday regarding the temporary injunction filed by the Friends of Lakeside Park.

The Fond du Lac City Council was presented a direct petition on October 14 of last year, by the group, but it voted down 5-2, prompting the Friends of Lakeside Park to file a writ of Mandamus and request the injunction a few days later. The case was set to be decided February 5 but was postponed.

The major points of contention has been the proposed location of the multi-use building that would include a restaurant and a request by the Friends of Lakeside and the thousands of signatures they gathered, asking that the Lakeside Park Project be put to vote via a referendum. The majority of the Council as well as the investor group, Lakeside Forward, have not been in favor of the request.