Judges James Daley Runs For Wisconsin Supreme Court

Rock County Circuit Court Judge James Daley is hoping to unseat incumbent State Supreme Court Justice Ann Walsh Bradley in next Tuesday’s election. Daley says in fact the reason he is running for the high court is because he doesn’t agree with her judicial philosophy. He says she is an activist and he is not. He says the constitution and the rule of law is more important than personal beliefs. Daley says when Ann Walsh Bradley was a circuit court judge in Marathon County she had a consistent policy of handing down sentencing that excused criminal behavior and that pattern continues today. He says by trying to expand the rights of defendants she is minimizing the ability of law enforcement to protect families. Daley says they also differ on the appointment of the State Supreme Court Chief Justice. He backs a constitutional amendment on the ballot next week that would allow other justices on the high court to select a new chief justice every two years.