Kaufman Calls First County Board Meeting To Order Tuesday Night

It was the start of a new era Tuesday night, as newly elected FDL County Executive, Sam Kaufman, presided over his first meeting as County Executive.

Kaufman called the meeting to order and was the Chair until the Board of Supervisors elected a new County Board Chairperson. Kaufman was the current board chair but resigned that position after winning the special election for County Executive back on June 7th.

The Board elected Steven Abel, as County Chair, with Kaufman handing the meeting duties over to Abel for the remainder of the evening. Marty Ryan remains as Vice Chair of the Board.

Another agenda item of note was the approval by the board to lease back a portion of the land that is owned by the county. The land will be leased as farmland. The land is slated to be used as the site for a new county jail, but when the new jail would be built has not yet been discussed. So until then, the supervisors have agreed that leasing out the property makes fiscal sense.