Kaul Talks Change in Bid for Attorney General

Democratic challenger Josh Kaul is preparing to take on
Republican Attorney General Brad Schimel for his job in the upcoming general
election. Kaul has worked for years as a prosecutor – and dealt with large
narcotics cases in Baltimore before moving back
home to Wisconsin.
Kaul argues the state is not properly addressing the opioid epidemic. 

Kaul says “I think we need to
start responding to that like the crisis it is. There are four things I think
we need to be doing more effectively. One is – I think we need to ensure that
our enforcement efforts are targeting large-scale drug traffickers, people who
are sending drugs like heroin and fentanyl and meth across county lines, state

Kaul also argues the state should expand access to treatment
for addiction, says the attorney general needs to hold pharmaceutical companies
accountable for the role they have played in the epidemic, and pushes for
expanded Medicaid in the state so more people would have coverage to afford

And with the general election is just a few weeks away – one of
the larger races here in
is for Attorney General. Kaul tells us he has a few ideas on how to
improve elections around the state. 

He argues that “we should reform
our redistricting system here in Wisconsin.
I think we should be adopting a non-partisan redistricting process so that  – you know first of all I think that serves
the interest of voters in Wisconsin, and it would also save us money, given
that we’ve been litigating over these maps.”

Kaul also says voting restrictions need to be addressed. He tells us “we should be making it easier for people to vote. I’ve been involved in cases where we’ve challenged restrictions on voting, including here in Wisconsin. We went to trial in federal court – and following that trial, the judge in the case struck down several restrictions on voting.”

The general election will be held on November 6th.