Keep COVID-19 Numbers In Perspective

You see and hear the numbers every day. In some cases, people are checking the updates hourly. And while the world-wide coronavirus pandemic is a concern, there’s also some important numbers that get lost in the translation. 

The latest numbers released Saturday by Wisconsin Department of Health, show Wisconsin now has 23,859 tests of coronavirus that have come back negative, compared to 2,112 positive tests. It also shows 588 patients hospitalized. On a national level, 15,021 people have recovered from the virus, with a global recovery showing 252,391 total. When you look at the statewide numbers, it’s also interesting to note that females have a higher likelihood of contracting COVID-19 than males, 53% versus 47%; but the male death rate is much higher, with males making up 57% of the total deaths in Wisconsin, versus 43% females. 

It’s no secret that the coronavirus has turned our lives upside down. But it’s also important to note that when the rules are followed closely, meaning abiding by the “safer at home” orders, covering your cough/sneeze, don’t touch your face, the positive cases can and do go down. It’s a challenging time. For everyone. But by everyone doing the little things now, the light at the end of the tunnel will get bigger and brighter much sooner.