Keeping The Memory Of Tyler Alive

It was difficult for Jake Hass to stand at a podium
in the North Fond du Lac Village Hall Thursday afternoon to present a check to
the Drug Free Communities. But it’s not the most difficult thing he’s had to do
in the last 5 years. That would have been when his brother Tyler died of an
overdose on Thanksgiving Day of 2011. Jake is 26-years-old and Tyler would be 27
now. Jake saysTyler’s life got taken from him before he really got to live it.
Jake says he and his sisters always had fun with Tyler. He says they rode
4-wheelers together, played hockey, traveled and his brother was an all-around
good guy. 
On February 13th Jake and his metal band “Capital Agony”
and other bands put on the “All is Lost Heroin Awareness” concert at the Shack
Event Center in Fond du Lac. He says it shows there are a lot of people who care
about the victims of heroin. He says the metal community is trying to do good
in the community and take negatives and turn them into
The effort raised $800. Thursday Jake gave a check for
that amounty to North Fond du Lac Police Chief Darren Pautsch who is also the
vice-president of the DFC. Jake said he hoped the donation would make a
difference in someone’s life. Chief Pautsch says what Jake and the others did is
truly a positive.He says the money will be put to good use and Jake and the
others were keeping Tyler’s memory alive through their efforts. 
Jake says they will put on a concert every year to raise
money for efforts that promote awarenes about the heroin problem.