Keskoskee Woman Facing Animal Mistreatment Charges

A Kekoskee woman faces felony Animal Mistreatment charges for allegedly starving a dog to death. Police were called to the home of 26-year old Abigail Billings, after her landlord found the skinny,   malnourished dog dead and covered in flies in a crate inside the garage.
Billings first told police that a friend was supposed to be watching the dog – but later admitted she lied. She reportedly told investigators that she was trying to go out to the garage every few days to check on the dog, which she had for about a year – and never took to the vet. Doctors found no medical problems that could have contributed to the dog’s death – and report it was more than likely starved.
If convicted, Billings faces up to three and a half years behind bars. She is set to appear in court next month.