KFIZ News Monday 1/23/17

DNR Releases
Winnebago Bottom Trawling
Assessment Report


The state’s
DNR has released the 2016 Lake Winnebago
bottom trawling assessment report. As the report indicates, a number of game,
pan and forage fish species had strong year classes in 2016.  Of particular interest is the record setting
year class of black crappie and strong year classes of trout perch and gizzard


Lake Winnebago Bottom Trawling Assessment Report


Robot Plays
Role In FDL Standoff Incident


A member of
the Fond du Lac Police Department’s SWAT Team says things went as well as could
be expected during a standoff incident on Sibley Street last week. Erik Foster says
no one was hurt and the suspect was taken into custody after about 4 ½ hours. A
woman and her 8-year-old daughter being held at knife point got out of the
residence when the man holding them fell asleep. When he woke he barricaded
himself in the home. Foster says use of a robot allowed them to see if any
surprises were awaiting them in the residence and to communicate with the
suspect. He says it was a long cold night especially for the patrol officers
who were on the scene at the very beginning. He says they also appreciated the
assistance of the Fire and Water Departments.


Federal Budget Could Result In State Shortfall


A former
member of Wisconsin’s
Joint Finance Committee says if Republicans balance the Federal Budget it could
have implications for the second year of the state’s budget. State
Representative Michael Schraa says that could mean less federal money coming
back to the state. 
He gives as
an example a scenario involving Medicaid reimbursement. He says for instance maybe
Wisconsin was
supposed to get $1 billion, but with an effort to balance the Federal Budget
the state may only receive $750 million. Schraa says if there is a shortfall it
may mean the state having to do a budget repair bill during the second year of the
state budget.


Investment In Broadband Expansion Important


In her
response to Governor Scott Walker’s State of the State Address, State Senate
Minority Leader Jennifer Shilling talked about the importance of investing in
our broadband infrastructure. She called on the Governor to make an additional
$100 million investment in broadband. Shilling compares broadband this century
to how important rural electrification was to the last century. 
She says
it’s important to healthcare, education, small business, tourism, and
agriculture. Shilling says it shouldn’t be a partisan issue. She says it is a
strong tool for economic development in


FDL School
Board Preview


Fond du Lac School
Superintendent Jim Sebert update the school board on a
couple of recent developments tonight. He will brief the board on a recent
threat to the high school, which led to the arrest of two students. Sebert will
also inform the board that the makeup day for last Tuesday’s school
cancellation will be on Friday, May 26th. Also during the meeting Kayla Tucker
will be recognized as the first Fond
du Lac
High School

Global Scholar. The meeting will be at 5 p.m. at the District Administration
Center Board Room.


Preperation Scams


administrator with the state’s Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer
Protection cautions residents to be careful not to get scammed by the person
doing their taxes. Frank Frassetto says they work closely with the State’s
Justice and Revenue Departments to detect tax preparation fraud. He says one
scam involves the holiday loans where you get handed a blank tax form by the
business giving the loan. He says don’t sign and date it because it can the be
He says you
should never provide personal or financial information to a business unless you
intend to have them file your taxes. He also says you should never sign
authorization to file your taxes if you don’t want the business to file them.
Frassetto recommends going with an experienced and well known tax preparer.


Hosting Leadership Summit
For Middle School Students This Week


St. Mary’s Springs Academy will be hosting a free
Leadership Summit for 7th and 8th graders on Wednesday. The Academy expects
nearly 300 students, including their own middle school, regional Catholic
grade/middle schools, and the general public. The day will kick off and
conclude with keynote speaker, Carl “Energizer” Olson, a nationally
known speaker, trainer and author. Students will also be engaging in a mini
“think tank” session.  Academy President
Kelly Norton says it will be a unique experience that focuses on enhancing
leadership skills. 


And Feyen Will Hold Join Listening Sessions


Representative Jeremy Thiesfeldt and Senator Dan Feyen will hold three
listening sessions on Monday, February 6th. 
They will be at the Taycheedah Town Hall from 1:30 to 2:30 that
afternoon, the Oakfield Village Hall Library from 3 to 4 p.m., and City-County
Government Center in Fond du Lac from 6 to 7 that evening.


FDL Senior
Anniversary Celebration Planned


The Fond du Lac Senior Center
will be hosting an anniversary celebration next month. The Center has been
providing a meeting place for older adults for 50 years. They will celebrate
that anniversary on Wednesday, February 1st from 12:30 to 3:30 p.m. at the
Center. The public is welcome to come for some birthday cake. Senior Center
Director Cathy Loomans says in 2016 they had nearly 70,000 visitors who
participated in activities, classes, services and events the Center offered.