KFIZ News Monday 6/6/16

Trial Scheduled For High Speed Chase Suspect

A jury trial is scheduled this month in Fond du Lac County court for the 18-year-old Milwaukee man who led Sheriff’s deputies on a high speed chase last December. Corey Nash allegedly stole a vehicle in Winnebago County on December 26th.  He was doing 97 miles per hour when a Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s deputy saw him heading south on I-41 near County Highway N. Nash was eventually captured after stop sticks were used to stop his vehicle and a foot chase. A jury trial is scheduled for June 20th. Nash is being held in the County Jail on a $30,000 cash bond.

Survey On Dogs In Park Issue

A survey is now available on the City of Fond du Lac website that will allow people to weigh in on how they feel about a proposal to allow dogs in City Parks. The issue is currently before the Advisory Park Board and they will meet about it again. That meeting is at 5:30 p.m. on Monday, June 27th at the City-County Government Center. Paper copies are available by calling the City Engineering office at (920) 322-3740. They should be completed and returned to that office. The address is P.O. Box 150, Fond du Lac, WI  54936-0150.  The survey should be completed by June 22nd.

Homeless Sex Offenders In FDL A Rarity

Fond du Lac Assistant Police Chief Steve Klein says they do their best to inform residents on where sex offenders are residing in the City, even when that sex offender may be homeless. That was the case when police learned from the Department of Corrections that 45-year-old Scott Thyrion is homeless. He says even then the offender has to check in with the sex offender registry to tell them where they will be staying for a period of time. He says rarely have sex offenders residing in the City been homeless, but it does happen. He says there have been two cases he knows of. He says twenty years ago the state didn’t have a program informing residents about where sex offenders are residing. He says they released information on Thyrion’s residency status to keep people informed. Klein says sometimes if a community’s ordinances are too restrictive when it comes to the placement of sex offenders, those offenders will go underground. 

Cooperative Effort During Brandon Tornado Aftermath

A number of agencies made response to the tornado in Brandon last month easier for residents. Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Captain Rick Olig says the Sheriff’s Department had a number of deputies and supervisors at the scene. He says that included the Sheriff and Chief Deputy, some lieutenants and it worked very well. He says power was quickly restored. He says the power company and Village crews did a great job to remove the trees and restore power within hours instead of days. He says fortunately no one was injured or killed. Olig says it was a cooperative effort with plenty of agencies chipping in to help Village residents. He says Brandon Police and Fire, the Sheriff’s Office, the State Patrol, the Highway shop, and the utilities attacked the problem and got the Village back up and running.

211 Provides Confidential Information And Referrals

There’s a phone number you can dial for free, confidential information and referrals. Fond du Lac Area United Way Executive Director Amber Kilawee says the United Way is a sponsor of the 2-1-1 service that is available 24/7. Last year the service took 450 calls for help. She says the majority of that was for basic needs. She says that would cover things like food, shelter or even gas vouchers. Other top needs were for mental health and substance abuse services, and heath care. She says callers’ needs will be assessed and they will be given information on an agency that can help them. She says if it is a crisis call the call will be forwarded to the proper agency. She says in the event that you don’t have a phone the Fond du Lac Public Library is a 211 Plus location where there’s a room where you can call 211. If you are unable to call 211, you can also call 1-800-924-5514.

Watch Out For Ticks

Fond du Lac County Public Health Officer Kim Mueller says if your kids are going to being playing in long grass or near the woods make sure you check them for ticks. She says if you aren’t sure whether any ticks got on their clothes take precautions. She says put them in a bag until you wash them. She says there is time to examine yourself or your kids for ticks, but don’t wait too long. She says the best way to remove them is with tweezers. She recommends getting them right at the tip where they are entering the skin so you get the tick’s head. Mueller says ticks can carry lymes disease. She says they are small and may be no bigger than a pencil lead. 

Charitable Scams

The Division Administrator for the state’s Consumer Protection Department says there are several ways you can check to see whether the charity you are considering giving to is legitimate. Frank Frassetto says first of all make sure you don’t fall for giving to a sound alike charity because some scams use names that sound like real charities. He says there are two websites you can visit that will verify whether a charity is real. He says they are charitynavigator.org and give.org. There’s also a state of Wisconsin website you can visit to see how much of your money is actually going to a charity. He says if too much is going to administration of that charity it’s not legitimate. He says most charitable organizations have to register with the Department of Financial Institutions.

Waupun Memorial Music In Park Celebration Slated

Waupun Memorial Hospital will be hosting its third annual Music in the Park celebration Thursday, June 16th. The event will be from 4:30 to 7 p.m. at the West End Park in Waupun. Waupun Memorial chief operating officer DeAnn Thurmer says, “We are so grateful to the individuals and families that we serve, and Music in the Park is just one way that we can easily share our thanks for their continued loyalty and support.” Those attending will enjoy a free dinner with family and friends, and musical entertainment by D. Willy & The Souvenirs. Tours will be available of a Lifestar EMS ambulance.