KFIZ News Monday 8/15/16

Lakeside Park Bridge And Boardwalk Discussed

A bridge from Lakeside Park East to Lakeside Park West is one of the items in a master plan for the park the City Council will hold further discussions about. Department of Public Works Director Jordan Skiff reviewed capital improvement projects as part of his presentation to the City Council last week on the 2017 Budget. The $1.3 million bridge is slated for 2021 and a $350,000 marsh boardwalk for 2022. Council President Lee Ann Lorrigan couldn’t see spending that much on a bridge. Skiff said without the bridge it would be difficult to put in a boardwalk. Councilman Brian Kolstad says he would prefer the bridge and boardwalk over putting in a second pavilion. He says he sees it as a major improvement to the park. Typically as part of the budget process the Council approves a five-year capital improvements plan, but that does not commit them to borrowing or levying for projects until they come up.

Unassigned Funds Could Fund Post Retirement Benefit

The City of Fond du Lac got a clean bill of health on its annual financial audit. Financial consultant Tom Karman told the City Council the general fund increased by $350,000 in 2015 to about $9.1 million. He says a portion of that about $7 million is what is considered an unassigned balance. He says it is available spending at the discretion of the Council. He says it is money that has no strings attached to it. He says most financial advisors recommend the balance for such funds to be maintained between 15 to 25 percent of the City’s annual operating budget. He says right now it is at 23 percent. The City may use some of those funds to set up a health savings plan for 84 non-represented employees as a post-retirement benefit, which would be about $1.26 million.

FDL School District Launching New Website

Fond du Lac Schools Superintendent Jim Sebert says they will have a new district website online before students return to school next month. He says it is still being tested, but their goal is to have it up and running for the start of school in September. He says the last time they launched a new website was during the 2010-11 School Year and there have been a lot of changes in technology since then. He says they will even have a mobile app that people can download for their smart phone. Sebert says you will even be able to select which language you prefer to use while navigating their new website.

FDL WW Facility A Utility Of The Future Today

A partnership of water sector organizations has selected the City of Fond du Lac Wastewater Facility as a Utility of the Future Today. The utility was one of 61 public and private utilities from across the U.S., Canada, and Denmark selected for the inaugural honor. The recipients will be recognized and honored during a September 27th at a technical exhibition and conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. The recipients will receive a display flag and a special certificate to further identify and promote their outstanding achievement as a Utility of the Future Today organization. 

US Senate Candidates Differ On Approach To Attacking Terrorism

U.S. Senate candidates Ron Johnson and Russ Feingold agree something has to be done about terrorism, but not on how that should be done. Incumbent Senator Johnson says his opponent’s plan isn’t really his plan; it is President Obama’s. He says when Feingold was U.S. Senator he voted against special operations by voting against the military. Former Senator Feingold says Johnson’s plan is to put more troops on the ground in Syria and Iraq. Feingold says that approach was disastrous in the Iraq War, which he opposed. He says Isis was actually created with the invasion of Iraq. The two face each other in the November election.

UW FDL Student Housing Special Use Permit Goes Before City Plan Commission

Fond du Lac’s Plan Commission tonight will consider a special use permit that would allow construction of a student housing facility on the UW-Fond du Lac campus. Principal Planner Joellyn Dahlin says the facility would offer some options for students. She says its 121-beds. It is a three-story building that would have four-bedroom suites and two-bedroom suites. She says the Community Development staff is recommending approval with the same conditions approved for a previous request in 2014. If the Plan Commission approves they will send their recommendation to the City Council for approval. The meeting is at 5:30 p.m. at the City-County Government Center.