KFIZ News : Saturday, 11/26/16

FDL Man Arrested for 6th OWI


Authorities have arrested a 38 year old Fond du
Lac man for his 6th drunk driving offense after a crash Friday
afternoon. According to the Wisconsin State Patrol, the crash happened around 4:50
pm at the intersection of Johnson Street and Peters Avenue in the City of Fond
du Lac. A car traveling east hit another car traveling west. Nobody was hurt
and minor damage was reported. Authorities say 38 year-old Scott D. Wittkopf was
a driver of one of the cars and failed field sobriety tests. He was arrested
for his 6th OWI offense and is also accused of violating his
probation. He is being held in the Fond du Lac County Jail.


Sheboygan Vandalism Charges


Sheboygan police believe three teenagers are to blame for
tens of thousands of dollars in damage to a warehouse. The vandals first
damaged doors, windows, vehicles and other products in the Cargill Malt
warehouse on Sunday night. Then, on Wednesday night, police responded to an
alarm at the building and found more damage and a 13-year-old suspect who was
hiding. Two more 13-year-old boys were arrested. All three are now facing
charges of burglary and criminal damage to property. (Courtesy, WRN)


More Holiday Shopping Safety

The holiday shopping season has begun, and a Fond du Lac Police Officer
has some tips to keep you safe during the season. Officer Erik Foster says one
of the important things to do this time of the year when it gets dark early is
to pick your parking spot wisely. Foster says to look for a well-lit area to
prevent a crime of opportunity. People who commit crimes don’t like to be seen
and if you are visible, it deters people who may want to commit a crime. Foster
also says you should never leave your car running when you go into a store. What
you think may be a five minute trip inside the store can turn into 15 minutes
or longer because of long lines. Then your car gets stolen because it was easy
for the burglars to do.


Small Business Saturday


Small businesses in Wisconsin are reminding shoppers to buy local this holiday
season. Dusty Krikau (Krik-cow) of the Downtown Fond du Lac Partnership says local businesses
are run by local families that you see around the community. She says on
average, for every $100 spent at a local business, $68 stays within our local
community. When you shop at a national or “big box” retailer, the national
average is $43 that stays in the local community. And if you shop online, none
of that money stays locally. Krikau says to think of at least three shops from
the downtown that you would hate to see leave, and to include them in your
holiday shopping plans. Amy Hansen of the DFP says it’s important to support
businesses are unique to our community and keep Fond du Lac a fun and unique


Giving Gift Cards


Gift Cards are again expected to a popular gift to give this
holiday season, and officials with the Wisconsin Department of Ag, Trade and
Consumer Protection say there are some tips for people buying and receiving
gift cards. If you’re buying a gift card for someone, its important to inspect
packaging it comes in to ensure no protective stickers have been removed and
that the PIN has not been exposed. DATCAP officials say to read the fine print
to understand usage rules or fees that may come with the card. You are also
encouraged to give an activation receipt with the card to verify the value and
date of purchase. If you get a gift card this holiday, officials say you should
use the card as quickly as possible. Some cards may have inactivity fees that
kick in after a period of unuse, decreasing their value. Officials say to also
keep your cards in a safe place so they aren’t stolen. More information is
available online at datcp.wisconsin.gov or by calling 1-800-422-7128.