KFIZ News : Tuesday, 11/22/16

FDL City Council To Be Updated On Blue Bridge


Tonight the Fond du Lac City Council will
get an update on the Blue Bridge or Fountain
Island Bridge
in Lakeside Park. City Engineer Paul DeVries
(DEE-vreez) says next year the bridge will be removed and restored. Later it
will be placed in another part of the park. It will be over an existing trail,
but it won’t be over any water. He says it will be placed on the east end of
the park near Deneveu (DEE-nev-view) Creek. A new bridge to Fountain Island
will replace it. Also tonight the Council will get an update on the Fond du Lac Area Transit and will honor the Fond du Lac A&W for
their 85 years in business and Grande Cheese for their 75 years in business. The
Council meets at 6 p.m. at the City-County
Government Center


Senator Johnson On EPA Over Regulation


U.S. Senator Ron Johnson is hoping a change in the presidential
administration will lead to less over regulation by agencies like the EPA. Fond du Lac is replacing
lead pipe water services anticipating restrictions on allowable lead levels in
drinking water will be reduced from 15 parts per billion all the way to zero
over the next year or two. Senator Johnson says absolute perfection is hard to
obtain. He says it might sound good, but how much harm is actually done by 15
parts per billion. He says that’s the type of regulatory change that would
benefit from a cost benefit analysis. He says the Obama Administration has run
rough shod over this type of regulatory over reach by not requiring cost
benefit analysis.


Veterans ID Cards Coming Next Year


Sometime in 2017 veterans will be able to get Veterans ID Cards. Fond du
Lac County Veterans Service Officer Rick Patton says the Veterans ID Card Act
was passed in July of 2015, but implementing the cards is no easy task. Veterans
could use the cards to get discounts for services and merchandise without
having to carry around proof of their discharge from active service. Patton
says rules have to be developed for the cards, they have to be designed, and
questions about fees and eligibility have to be worked out. He says veterans
will have to apply for them at a VA Clinic or hospital. He says the ID cards
will be sent to them in the mail.


No Trespassing Reminder for Hunters


As the nine-day gun deer hunting season continues this week in
Wisconsin, officials with the Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Department are
stressing the importance of not trespassing on other people’s land while you’re
out in the woods. Sheriff’s Lieutentant Chris Dobyns says its important for
hunters to respect other people’s property. Dobyns says its simple, if it’s not
your land, don’t go on it. He says that some people get tunnel vision when
they’re trying to get a deer and that makes them do things they might not
normally do. He says hunters should ask permission before entering land they
don’t know the owner of and that it’s the hunter’s responsibility to know where
the property lines are.


Safe Smartphone Shopping


The Wisconsin Department of Ag, Trade and Consumer Protection is
reminding consumers this holiday season to be safe if using smartphones,
tablets or other devices to do their holiday shopping. Nearly 57 percent of
consumers are planning to shop online according to the National Retail
Federation, and officials with DATCAP say its important to keep devices and
applications up-to-date before doing online shopping. They add to be careful of
offers that are too-good-to-be-true, along with fake e-commerce sites. If you
are going to shop online, it’s encouraged that you pay by prepaid debit card or
credit card and to keep a paper trail by printing or saving online transactions
and item descriptions and emails sent between you and a seller. More
information is available online at datcp.wisconsin.gov or by calling


FDL Baseball Announces Nickname


new Northwoods League Baseball Team in Fond
du Lac
now has a nickname. The team announced Monday
the name Dock Spiders was selected by a fan vote out of the five finalists for the
name. Over 800 names were originally submitted from the Fond
du Lac
area with the final five consisting of Barn Owls, Lake Flies,
Pipsqueaks, Shantymen and the eventual winner, Dock Spiders. Ryan Moede, the
team’s General Manager said it was a very close vote with over 1,000 responses.
He says the team is proud to be called the Dock Spiders next year and that
merchandise is available now for pre-order at dockspiders.com. Monday’s
announcement was made at Faith Lutheran School
in Fond du Lac,
which is located right across the street from where the Dock Spiders will play
their games at Herr Baker Field. The team begins play in May of 2017.