KFIZ News Tuesday 7/26/16

Small Plane Crashes At AirVenture

Officials say a small plane crashed while landing at Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh Sunday night. EAA AirVenture officials say the plane went down on the south end of north-south runway. The pilot was alert and conscious, and was taken to a local hospital. The annual fly-in and convention runs through Sunday.

Plea Deal Reached In Sheboygan County Sexual Assault Case

A member of a Sheboygan church youth group band has been convicted of a child sexual assault charge. Nineteen-year-old Clayton Michener reached a plea deal with prosecutors, and pleaded no contest to sexual assault of a child under the age of 16. A second was read into the record and dismissed. Sheboygan County Assistant District Attorney Joel Urmanski says the plea deal was worked out ahead of a jury trial scheduled for this week. He says,”This was not, from my standpoint, a case that was ‘Is this going to be a jury trial or not?’ Although defense could have asked for one, they still had that right.  But it was, what is appropriate for this individual who is very young, who has no prior record, but was involved in very serious adult behavior?” Urmanski says he’ll be recommending two years of prison and 8 years on extended supervision at the sentencing.  Michener will be back in court for that sentencing on August 30th.

Wisconsin Delegate Says DNC Will Focus On Party Unity

A Wisconsin member of the Democratic National Committee says the party’s national convention in Philadelphia this week is focusing on party unity. Jason Rae of Milwaukee is a Super Delegate to the convention. He says there is a lot of excitement over the naming of Virginia Senator Tim Kaine as Hillary Clinton’s running mate. He says Kaine comes with a breadth of experience in the local, state, and national level. Former President Bill Clinton is one of the keynote speakers tonight and daughter Chelsea will introduce Hillary Thursday night. Rae says people want to hear from both of them during the convention. Rae works for a public affairs consulting firm.

Number Of New Deputies Hired

Fond du Lac County Chief Deputy Mark Strand says they’ve hired a number of new deputies since the beginning of the year. He says they hired nine correctional deputies and two patrol deputies. He says their two new patrol deputies are Luke Olson who worked in the jail and Matthew Grandinjan who worked as a ranger at the Kettle Moraine State Forest. He says there might be one more hire for the County Jail. Strand says being a patrol deputy can be a launching pad for other opportunities in the department. He says those opportunities could include SWAT, Boat Patrol, Honor Guard, Accident Reconstruction, K-9 deputy, Dive team and more.

College ID Tips

It’s time to turn high school seniors into college freshmen, but state officials say it’s also time for those freshmen to get ready to deal with the dangers of identity theft.  State consumer protection spokesman Jerad Albracht says students getting pre-approved credit card offers or other bank statements should be making sure they aren’t lying around. He says,” Anything that’s not necessary, and any kind of documentation they have that has this kind of information on should go straight into a shredder.” Albracht says that shredder and a good sturdy lockbox might be two of the best things parents can send with their freshmen.  You can find more tips and information online at their website.