KFIZ News Wednesday 7/20/16

FDL Plan Commission Tables Controversial Zoning Change Until Next Meeting

A Fond du Lac Plan Commission recommendation about a proposed zoning change for an undeveloped condominium lot will have to wait until next month. City Principal Planner JoEllyn Dahlin says prior to the commission’s meeting Monday the owner of the lot asked for the item to be tabled until the commission’s August 15th meeting. Meanwhile owners of Scenic Ridge condominiums that would be adjacent to the undeveloped lot spoke to the commission about why they are opposed to allowing the lot to be rezoned for overflow parking for Lentz Truck Center. If the zoning change is granted the lot would be sold to Lenz. Dahlin says there would be a number of improvements to the lot. She says that includes an overflow parking lot, storage building, a retention pond, and an access road to connect the Lenz properties.

Meeting Scheduled About Prioritizing Road Funding

Municipal and County officials will hold a meeting at the Fond du Lac County Fairgrounds Expo Building on September 29th about road funding.  County Highway Commissioner Tom Janke says similar meetings are planned across the state that day. He says the Governor wants to hold the line on transportation with no new funding for mega projects. He says the Governor wants to find savings in major projects and use those savings to increase funding to local roads and highway maintenance. Janke says the Governor uses as an example the $580 million saved through design changes for the Zoo Interchange. He says the danger there is that there might not be funding for projects like the Highway 23 expansion if the court case involving it is settled.

Health Dept Asks People To Call In Advance For Immunization Clinic Visits

Fond du Lac County Public Health Officer Kim Mueller says the health department is asking residents who plan to visit their immunization clinics to call in advance to schedule a visit. She says that will allow them to have the proper number of people on hand. The immunization clinics are held the second Monday of each month from 3 to 5 p.m. She says they have immunizations to prevent all types of childhood illnesses. Most adult vaccines are available for a fee. You can find out more by calling the health department at (920) 929-3085.

Trump Has Polarizing Effect

A Fond du Lac County Republican Party official attending the party’s national convention in Cleveland says Donald Trump has a polarizing effect even within the party. Rohn Bishop is the treasurer for the GOP’s local party. He is also an alternate delegate at the Republican National Convention. He says naming Indiana Governor Mike Pence as a running mate will swing more Republican’s over to Trump. He also says it appears Speaker of the House Paul Ryan seems to have mended fences with Trump, but will still criticize him when he says something controversial. He says the one thing that could unify the party behind Trump is the dislike of party faithful for Hillary Clinton.

Home Sales Up In FDL County For The Month And Year

The sales of existing homes in Fond du Lac County were up by a little over 10 percent last month compared to June of last year. The median price of those homes was also up slightly. According to the Wisconsin Realtors Association home sales in Fond du Lac County are up about 10 percent compared to first six months of last year and the median price of those homes has increased by 3.5 percent. Statewide home sales were up 5.5 percent and the median prices of those homes 4.5 percent the first half of the year.

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Watch For Vehicle And Pedestrian Traffic During The Fair

The Division Chief of Fire Prevention for Fond du Lac Fire and Rescue says if you’re going to the Fond du Lac County Fair try to be aware of your surroundings. Troy Haase says traffic will substantially increase around the Fairgrounds. He says there will be a lot of parked vehicles and foot traffic in the area. He says with heat indices expected to be in the 100 degree range people should drink plenty of water and get into the shade when they can. He says if their department does need to respond for a call at the Fairgrounds try to give them the room they need to get through. The Fair runs through Sunday.