KFIZ Receives Unexpected Honor From FDL Fire And Rescue

KFIZ’s efforts to get out fire prevention messages earned unexpected recognition Tuesday morning. Fond du Lac Fire Chief Peter O’Leary and Division Chief Troy Haase presented Mountain Dog Media owner Randy Hopper with a plaque honoring KFIZ and its staff for the work it did with Fond du Lac Fire and Rescue in 2017 on fire prevention efforts. It was presented just before O’Leary and Haase went on with Bob Hoffmaster on the Hoffy House. Chief O’Leary told KFIZ listeners they had only one residential fire last year, which displaced a family. He says, “As you know we usually have seven, eight, nine residential fires a year and we attributed this great reduction in risk to stations like KFIZ that have done yeoman’s work in trying to help us get our message out of fire prevention.” Haase says there was a significant drop in property loss due to fire in 2017. He says, “Every year we strive for zero loss of course, but that’s a little bit unrealistic, but throughout the years over the last three or four years I mean at one point we were over $1 million in loss and this last year we were at about $200,000 so you know loss is coming down.” Chief O’Leary says shows like the Hoffy House and other things KFIZ does, the work Bob Nelson does in the news room, and Spencer Wagen in the morning is obviously a tribute to the leadership at KFIZ and they appreciate it and wanted to say thank you. 

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