Kidnapping Call Turns Out To Be A Prank

was a joke that didn’t start out all that funny. 3 kids were walking home from
school Wednesday afternoon, near W. Division and N. Lincoln Ave., when one of the kids
made a joke about hitchhiking home. One of the other youth then waved down a
black BMW, said he didn’t know who these people were, but was going to climb
into the car anyway. 

FDL Police then received the call about 3:30 p.m. from one
of the other concerned kids, who said he thought his friend had been kidnapped.
Turns out the car that was flagged down and had picked up the 11-year old was
actually his uncle for a ride. Police were able to make contact with the youth
at his residence on Forest Ave.
I’m going to take a guess he WON’T be waving down cars anytime soon.