Kids Seen Skateboarding In Convent Day Of The Fire

A fire investigator for Fond du Lac Fire and Rescue says they’ve narrowed the origin of the fire at the Holy Nativity Convent to a back room on the first floor. Most of the fire damage was on the back side of the building. Troy Haase is the Division Chief of Fire Prevention. He says although the building is vacant there are people who are in or out of there that shouldn’t be including some kids seen in it last Friday, the day of the fire. He says they were actually skateboarding on the roof that day. A police detective is conducting interviews in an effort to determine whether the fire was accidental or intentional. The cause is also being determined. Haase says there was extensive damage to the three-story brick building. He says about a third of it was damaged by fire, but the building has also seen some significant water damage to the floors over the years. The 40-room convent was built in 1874. Fond du Lac Fire/Rescue photo.