King Running for NFDL Village Board President

in North Fond du Lac will have to choose between two North Fond du Lac
Board Trustees to
become the board’s president. Keith King has been on the board for ten years.
He says he would like to step into that role and feels he can do the job. “I
think that the president that has to be somebody that has very, very good
communication skills, which in my regular job that’s all I do is communicate and
I think I’m very good at it.” King says. “I think we need somebody like that, that
can work with the Village Administrator and let him do his job and let the department
heads do their job.” King says it is important for the village board to pick
the person who will succeed Chuck Hornung as Village Administrator. The board
could make that decision this weekend. King is running against fellow Board
Trustee Mike Streetar for village president in the April 3rd election.