Kitten Rescued From Storm Drain

Fond du Lac Fire and Rescue rescued a kitten from a storm drain on Forest Avenue. Shelter Manager Renee Webb says the Fond du Lac Humane Society appreciates the effort. She says the kitten’s mother and eight siblings were found in a box on the highway. She says they had to use a live trap because the kitten was a little skittish and kept backing down the drain when they tried to pull it out. She says it is an affectionate cat and was probably following its mother when it stepped into the drain. Webb says the kittens are about five weeks old and won’t be ready for adoption for a couple more weeks. She says most cats or dogs come in with intestinal illnesses or fleas so they are treated before they are put up for adoption. Webb says right now they have about 150 cats, 20 dogs and other pets in their shelter. Fond du Lac Humane Society photos.