Lakeshore Coding Club

Are you aware of the fact that computing is the #1 source for the American population’s wages? It’s no doubt due to the fact that computer science is foundational for every industry. At present, there are more than 500,000 computing jobs available nationwide. In 2015-16, the 42,969 computer science graduates did little to fill that technological need.


Lakeshore Elementary School’s Coding Club was formed to help students understand many of the concepts behind computing—coding being one of them. To work towards understanding those concepts, the Coding Club participated in the largest learning event in history along with more than 100 million students trying The Hour of Code.


On Friday, December 9, over 50 Lakeshore students took part in The Hour of Code. Advisors Gina Marchionda- Schneider, Grade 2 teacher, and Ed Schreiber, Technology Coach, are hopeful that this experience will help students to play their part in creating technology of the future, not just consuming it. Shown studying their laptop screens (L-R) are: Alex Lougher, Julie Gedemer, Carter Blaylock, Alex Cara-Boix, Dominic Bertram, Liz Mason, and Harrison Mason.