Lakeside Forward approaches $6 Million In Donations For Park Project

Tuesday, April 21 marked the beginning of a new City Council in Fond du Lac, as three of the seven seats changed. Along with a new President and Vice President, the council will provide residents with fresh ideas, while holding true to the rich heritage and traditions of the community.

Relying on over seven years of sound research-based on vast community input, Lakeside Forward has worked tirelessly to realize the full potential of everyone’s beloved Lakeside Park. In conjunction with the City of Fond du Lac and City Council, Lakeside Forward has worked within the framework of the binding enhancement agreement with reverence to the research of the Exploratory Committee and over a century of Lakeside Park history to do this right. The plan includes the construction of a multi-purpose building designed with public gallery and gathering spaces, public restrooms, as well as a restaurant open to all.

Since September 2020, financial support for the project has surged, bringing the total donation from 5.2 to nearly six million dollars.

Lakeside Forward supports the suggested improvements to Lakeside Park as key factors in the growth and development of the City of Fond du Lac; site selection for new and existing business; and resident attraction and talent retainment. As referenced in the Johnson Consulting Feasibility Study released in November 2020, Fond du Lac needs to embrace place-making and quality-of-life enhancements in order to attract a younger workforce.

Lakeside Forward extends their gratitude to those members leaving City Council, the four City Councilpersons who remain, and Fond du Lac City leadership for their foresight and perseverance, as well as residents who have voiced support of this project. Lakeside Forward is committed to continuing this partnership with the City and looks forward to working with the three newly seated council members to put the finishing touches on the Lakeside Park enhancement plan.   

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