Lakeside Forward Looks To Bring Both Sides Together

It’s a battle of preserving the past versus progress for the future. It’s the Lakeside Park Master Plan, and the two sides look to come together tonight to see if they can use some civil conversation to work for the common good. Lakeside Forward is a newly created group in support of the Lakeside Master Plan. 

Craig Molitor, President and CEO of Destination Lake Winnebago Region, says he is disappointed in the amount of misinformation that is being generated regarding Lakeside Park. “I see some false information that is being propogated, that has nothing to do with true or reality and that’s the only thing that upsets me.”  Molitor says he hopes tonight’s meeting mirrors what he has seen in recent talks with those opposed to the plan. “We came together recently with a smaller group of folks from the opposition, and it was an extremely friendly conversation, it was like a family conversation. Molitor also says the time has come to move forward. “There can be no more stalling  beyond the August 12 City Council Meeting…the supporters have done everything in good faith, they have followed every rule laid in front of them. It’s now, or never”. 

The open public forum is to be held Wednesday night(8/5/20) at the Expo Building at the FDL County Fairgrounds, and is open to the first 600 people. Guests will be asked to wear masks, and no signs will be allowed. This meeting is the prelude to what we might see at next week’s City Council meeting.