Lakeside Park Agreement Moves Forward

City Manager Joe Moore presented the Fond du Lac City Council with a six-page review of the Lakeside Park Enhanced Developers Agreement. That agreement was presented back on September 30, 2020 with the City entering in to the agreement October 2, 2020. Since then, the conversations have gone back and forth between city staff, council members and the investor group that is putting up $5.2 million towards the total cost of the Lakeside Park Alternative Master Plan project.

Moore had 120 days in which to review the agreement and then make his recommendation to council as to whether to withdraw from the agreement or move forward, with the 120-day window for review closing March 11, 2021.

In the memo to Council, Moore goes into great detail explaining the process that went into his review, and closed by saying Council’s determination “to make certain improvements to Lakeside Park including but not limited to renovating an existing pavilion building, constructing a new amphitheater and skating rink on the area known as Oven Island, constructing a restaurant with exhibition space west of the Lakeside Park Lighthouse, and varied other improvements,” was validated by the Feasibility Study and, although modified by the Management Team, validated by the Team’s analysis and recommendations. Additionally, there was no triggering conclusion that invalidates the Enhancement Agreement. Thus, there is no contractual basis for the City Manager to request termination or to request the City Council to vote to do so.”

You can read the complete memo to City Council here: