Lakeside Park Alternative Master Plan…Progress Made? Or No.

The latest design for the proposed multi-purpose building which would be located at Lakeside Park was presented to the Advisory Park Board Monday evening. Board member Shawn McCrary tells KFIZ News, he thinks some progress is being made. “I think we’re making great progress. I think you’ve seen a willingness on both sides to try and come to a more equitable agreement for everybody.” But McCrary is also quick to point out there’s a great deal of work that still needs to be done. “I don’t think that anybody has enough information to come to a complete decision yet. We haven’t seen anything as far as finances or ownership or sharing. I’m looking to see more information from that before I’m willing to really make a recommendation one way or the other.”

A spokesman for one of the groups opposing the location of the building at lighthouse peninsula, says there are parts of the new design they do approve of. “There are one or two things my group can get behind.” But John Pappenheim, a member of Friends of Lakeside Park, says there’s a long way to go. “At this point, these are still pretty rough layouts. Really no firm plans as far as maybe what that building is going to look like and maybe what size it’s going to be. Those are maybe’s. There was nothing concrete presented to us Monday night at the Park Board meeting.” The Fond du Lac City Council is set to discuss the latest revisions at their meeting tonight.