Lakeside Park Capstone Project Canceled, City Staff Presents New Draft Plan

The excitement and momentum around the proposed Capstone project has come to a halt, with the announcement that the project has been canceled.

With that announcement, City Staff worked on a new plan to reconfigure the walking paths and parking on Lighthouse peninsula, and was presented by Public Works Director Paul DeVries Monday evening.

City of Fond du Lac Parks Director John Redmond also provided an update to the board members and the public present. The Lakeside Park West Boardwalk Bid Opening results were delivered, with Director Redmond informing the board that the lumber prices had skyrocketed, and overall costs had gone up, and due to that, the project would be on hold for at least another six months while alternatives are discussed.

He also had some good news to share in the way of the Lakeside West parking lot project, telling those in attendance that the City was the recipient of a $20,000 grant, which should cover at least half of the total costs for the renovation of the parking lot. Redmond did say the plan was to complete that project later this summer when traffic in that lot decreases.

You can see the plan above.  A larger copy of the plan can be downloaded by clicking HERE