Lakeside Park Enhancement Agreement On Agenda Tonight, Moore Expected To Give Green Light

Unless there’s a major change of direction given by the majority of the Fond du Lac City Council tonight, the Lakeside Park Alternative Master Plan will be moving full steam ahead.

Council is set to convene for their first meeting of the month, and on the agenda is a presentation by City Manager Joe Moore, where he will give a review on his inspection of the Lakeside Park Enhancement Agreement. Council has until tomorrow to withdraw from the agreement, which is something opponents of the agreement have been requesting. 

Moore is expected to give a number of reasons why he supports moving forward with the agreement and the project. Opposition on Council to the agreement and to the project has been minimal, with at least 4 council members expected to vote in favor of moving forward. Councilman Ben Giles would be the likely 5th supporter, but he has abstained from any voting lately when it involves the controversial project.   

The project has financial backing from both the city and a private investor group. The plan involves a number of improvements to Lakeside Park, including a multi-purpose building intended to be built on the lighthouse peninsula. The two-story building would be home to a restaurant, and has drawn support and opposition on both sides. Those in favor say a restaurant in that location will drive visitor traffic to Fond du Lac from both land and water.

Opponents to that specific piece of the plan say the iconic view of Lake Winnebago will be gone forever, and once privatization of the park begins, there will be no end in sight.

Council is set to meet at 6:00 p.m. Wednesday night.