Lakeside Park Exploratory Committee Gives Final Report

The Lakeside Park Exploratory Committee gave their final report to the Fond du Lac City Council last night making 27 recommendations. Prior to the report several residents spoke both in favor of and against the report. Bob Frank reminded the Council about the importance of the park to residents. Some of the top recommendations included developing and connecting walking and biking trails, staging more concerts and festivals and creating more public docks and landings. During discussion on the report Diana Tscheschlok of the Fond du Lac County UW Extension was honored with a key to the City for her work facilitating the committee. Council President Lee Ann Lorrigan was pleased with the report. The City Council is not tied to the committee’s recommendations and it could take years to develop some of them. You can see a copy of the 100 page plus report, a summary of it and a video about the committee’s work at the City’s website. Pictured Craig Molitor of the committee speaks to the City Council.

Eight minute video on the committee’s work.

LEPC Tries To Dream Grandly

The final report is in for the Lakeside Park Exploratory Committee now it’s up to the City Council and residents to judge the results of their recommendations. And there are 27 of them in the committee’s 100 page plus report. Prior to the committee’s report some residents spoke both in favor of and against the report. Jane Ricchio a staunch critic of the committee at first complimented their work, but says a recommendation to build a boardwalk over the rocks along the lakeshore isn’t a good idea. Committee Chairman Dr. John Short says the committee was trying to “Dream Grandly” with some of its suggestions. He says some of those ideas may have to be modified and a common theme when they surveyed residents was about “being able to better touch the water.” Council President Lee Ann Lorrigan so no matter how you feel about the report there are exciting proposals in it.

Diana Tscheschlok of the UW Extension Service is given a key to the city for her work facilitating the Lakeside Park Exploratory Committee.