Lakeside Park Exploratory Committee

The Fond du Lac City Council came up with an easy solution for selecting the final members for the Lakeside Park Exploratory Committee Wednesday evening. The Council and Advisory Park Board picked their top choices, which resulted in 10 candidates getting enough votes to be placed on the committee and 7 that tied. Councilwoman Catherine Block made a motion to expand the committee to 17 members and it passed unanimously. During public comment several people continued to speak out against the committee including Jane Ricchio who was one of 41 applicants, but didn’t make the committee. She felt that those who were finalists for the committee were mostly executives with their agencies who would be biased. She says the committee doesn’t include what she termed regular folks. Charles Mauch felt the Council was steamrolling the issue through despite the wishes of residents. City Manager Joe Moore suggested having the committee meet for the first time by August 31st with a tentative date of October 8th for the first status report to the City Council.

Committee members: Lori Anderson Lurvi, Patrick Caufield, Joan Cunningham, Deborah Doll, Louise Gudex, Amy Hansen, Brian Kolstad, Ray Lapierre, Craig Molitor, Jennifer Neibauer, Heather Pedersen, David Pergande, John Short, Sarah Spang, Douglas Teletzke, Luke Wacek and James Wamser.