Lakeside Park Master Plan Meeting Set For Today

The public is invited out
today for a public information meeting regarding the Lakeside Park Master Plan.
The meeting is being hosted by the City of Fond du Lac, and will include a summary of
what work is being planned for the remainder of 2020, including the Pavillion rehabilitation
project, as well as a feasibility study for other master plan elements. 

One of the items to be discussed will be the multi-purpose building that is proposed. Based on early indicators, the City ideally would enter into a land-lease on the building, which would include a restaurant, exhibits area, meeting area and restrooms. The City would own the land and retain overall control of the site, but the building would be designed, built, paid for and operated by a private party. The land lease, if chosen as the best option, would be structured as a long-term agreement, with lease proceeds being reinvested back into the park.

The meeting
will be located in the Legislative Chambers of the City/County Government
Center, 160 S. Macy Street,
prior to the monthly Advisory Park Board meeting. A short presentation will be
held at 4:30, with City staff being available to answer questions regarding the