Lakeside Park Speed Limit Reduced To 15 MPH

The Fond du Lac City Council Wednesday night voted 6 to 1 to reduce the speed limit in Lakeside Park to 15 miles per hour. Harborview Drive will remain 25 miles per hour except when children are present and then it too will be 15 miles per hour. The Police Department inquired about making the speed limit in the park uniform, which will make it easier to enforce. Police Chief Bill Lamb says it will also significantly increase public safety. Council President Sam Meyer, who voted against the change, said he drove through the park at 15 miles per hour and found it to be extremely slow. He also asked if by doing so the police department was creating a speed trap. Chief Lamb said they do regularly patrol the park especially when it’s busy. Also last night the City Manager’s goals for 2014 were reviewed. City Manager Joe Moore also got a little personal thanking Fire Chief Peter O’Leary, the fire and police departments for their actions last week when their was fire in his garage. Chief O’Leary who is a neighbor of Moore’s was the first on the scene knocking down the fire at 799 Country Club Lane with a fire extinguisher. The fire department then looked for and put out any hot spots.