Land Purchase For County Highway Garage Approved

Fond du Lac County supervisors Tuesday night
approved the purchase of land on South Hickory Road south of Highway 151 to
build a future County Highway garage and other county facilities on. The County
will pay $800,000 for the purchase of about 38 acres of land with another
$50,000 going towards fees and real estate commissions. County Supervisor John
Zorn of the Highway Committee says they looked at about eight different
locations over the 
past few years and this was the best site available
in Fond du Lac near Highway 151. County Supervisor Marty Ryan asked the County’s
realtor Troy Rademann of Bomier Properties if this was a good deal for the
County. Ryan says $800,000 is a lot of taxpayer money and asked Rademann if it
was a fair price for the land.
Rademann said
others had been interested in the land and it was in his opinion a good site. He
says it would be marketable even if it did not pan out for the County.
Eventually the County will build a new
highway garage on the site to replace the current one on Dixie Street. The land
also gives the County the option to place other County facilities there like the
Sheriff’s impound, Senior Services parking, and the Parks Department.