Landscape Master Plan For FDL Bike Loop Reviewed

The Fond du Lac City Council within the next few months will be asked to approve a Landscape Master Plan for the Fond du Lac Bike Loop. MSA Professional Services Landscape Architect and Urban Planner Sarah McDonald recently reviewed the plan for the Council. She says they have included proposals for new parks along the loop, which extends from Lakeside Park on the north side of the City to the corporate business campus on the south side. One new park site would be the former Quic-Frez site, which is currently being remediated. She says it is a long term vision that would make it a more aesthetic, attractive park that would give people a way to access the river for kayaking or maybe there could be programming in the park such as for yoga. Another new park could include the area under the Johnson Street overpass. She says they could add some additional pavement and a playground. She says it might be a nice site for people to have lunch too. She says the plan also proposes adding a small picnic shelter at Hamilton Park and adding a sculptural element at the Gateway Plaza. She says the City will have to consider public-private partnerships as a way of paying for the improvements and maintaining them. The 80 page plan can be seen at the City’s website. Grande Cheese paid for the plan.

See the plan.