Large Turnout For Second FDL Heroin Summit

The larger venue at the Fond du Lac High School Performing Arts Center accommodated a big gathering for the second heroin summit last night. Police Chief Bill Lamb, District Attorney Eric Toney, and Assistant Fire and Rescue Chief Todd Janquart gave updates on the City’s progress since last year’s summit. But they said it’s still a community effort and they need more people for an opioid coalition. Project Blake and the Fond du Lac Elks put up funding for the “Rise Together” presentation, which was also part of the program. Bridgett Hentschel told the story of how she lost her daughter Amalia to heroin three years ago.  She hopes sharing the story will help other families. She brought a decorative box with Amalia’s ashes in it up on stage during the presentation because she said Amalia would want to be part of the presentation. She painfully detailed Amalia’s descent into addiction and death. She says they tried intervention and treatment, but initially Amalia rejected the offer. The audience gave Bridgett a standing ovation at the conclusion of her story.

Bridgett Henschell’s Story.

Bridgett Henschel.

Her daughter Amalia.

Fond du Lac Police Chief Bill Lamb.