Law Enforcement Encouraging Cleanout of Old, Unwanted Prescription Meds

The warmer temperatures this week may have you thinking spring cleaning – and whether you start your cleaning projects now or down the road, local authorities want you to remember to clean up your old prescription medications at home. North Fond du Lac Police Chief Darren Pautsch says that reminder comes after recent incidents involving teens getting a hold of the unwanted meds. “Either the teenagers took and used their parents unused or unwanted prescriptions, or are taking them and selling them or offering them for sale,” Pautsch said. He says ease of access for the teens in the home is a big concern – and adds that a survey of high school students in the village showed an increase in the number of kids saying that it’s easy to get their hands on those prescription pills in the house.

Pautsch says there is a real danger to the medications falling into the wrong hands. “When kids are coming across these things and getting their hands on them and not even knowing what it is or what its intended for, they’re certainly not going to be taking the time to find out what they should and shouldn’t mix them and match them with,” he said. Pautsch encourages people to take those old and unwanted medications to one of the many drug drop boxes located around the county. Locations and hours, along with guidelines for what you can/can’t drop in the boxes can be found on the Drug Free Communities website.