Law Enforcement Officer Memorial Ceremony Pays Tribute To Fallen Officers

Law enforcement officers from across Fond du Lac County gathered in Fond du Lac last night to pay tribute to officers who made the ultimate sacrifice. Still fresh in the minds of the community is the March 20th, 2011 death of Fond du Lac Police Officer Craig Birkholz who was shot and killed responding to a sexual assault call. Fond du Lac Police Chief Bill Lamb told the Birkholz family Craig’s sacrifice is thought about daily and has a profound and powerful impact on the department.

Over the last 116 years the Fond du Lac Police Department has had three officers killed in the line of duty; Officer William Prinslow, Officer Nick Klaske and Birkholz. Fond du Lac City Manager Joe Moore says it’s a sacrifice that should be remembered. Last year there were 105 law enforcement officers across the country who were killed in the line of duty.