Law Of The Month

October is National Bullying Prevention Month


The Fond du Lac County Sheriff stresses that bullying is not acceptable in any form.  Today’s kids need to feel safe, secure and respected whether on their way to and from school or in the community.  Although since March 2010, schools are required to have a policy and procedure to investigate incidents of reported bullying, this is and should be a community concern also.


Today bullied kids cannot escape their tormentors.  A nasty rumor can be e-mailed, texted, posted on Facebook or made into a video on You Tube.  The witness or bystander of a bullying situation has the power and is encouraged to step in and voice “Stop It” for the unwanted behavior since the victim is looking for one advocate.


The School Resource Officer in the event the schools determines either the severity or the repeated action warrants the authority to enforce Wis. Stat. 947.012 – Unlawful use of telephone; 947.0125 – Unlawful use of computerized communication systems; or 947.013 – Harassment.  Bullying behavior is real and affects several of our youth.  Schools and Law Enforcement can only deal with the reported incidents.  The community and parents need to be the eyes and ears in an effort to allow those values and morals that make Fond du Lac County the great place to live that it is.


Have a Safe Month,


Sheriff Mick Fink