Law Of The Month Replacing Deployed Airbags

From the Dodge County Sheriff’s Department:

Motor Vehicles have are equipped with different types of safety devices.  These include seat belts and air bags.  Occasionally, we see people who do not replace their air bag after a crash in which the airbag has been deployed and they continue to operate the vehicle.  State law requires that restraining devices, including air bags, remain installed and in proper working condition.

Trans 305.27, Restraining Devices and Seats states:

(3) (a)  The restraining devices, including air bags, of every motor vehicle shall be maintained in proper working condition and in conformity with this section and s. 347.48, Stats. All required and optional restraining devices, including air bags, shall remain installed or be replaced by like equipment. All air bags that have been deployed shall be replaced with a comparable functioning air bag system.

Violation of this law carries a fine of $60.80.

If your vehicle is involved in an incident where the air bag is deployed, it needs to be replaced.  Captain Trace Frost of the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office said, “Vehicles are designed with safety belts and air bags for your safety.  Owners need to keep these devices in working order to continue their effectiveness.”  The Sheriff’s Office has responded to crashes that the airbag was not replaced. The individuals in these subsequent crashes generally suffer more severe injuries than they would have if the airbag would have been replaced.