Lead Pipe Replacement Policy Review For FDL City Council

With the EPA considering stricter mandates on the level of lead allowed in drinking water the City of Fond du Lac will have to step up its replacement of lead pipes used to deliver water to homes. Public Works Director Jordan Skiff says they’ve been replacing those lead services since 2005 as they do street projects, but they have a ways to go. He says there are still about 3,000 public lead services that remain and about 1,500 on the private side. He says the City received a $300,000 Safe Drinking Water Loan that they will use to cost share with property owners who want to replace lead piping on their private property. He says they hope to implement an ordinance in 2018 that will compel people to replace the lead piping when the City does a street project on their street, but hope to help out those who may not be able to afford it.  Right now the EPA allows 15 parts per billion of lead in drinking water, but may reduce that level to zero. Skiff says he doesn’t know if Donald Trump’s election as president may reduce the EPA’s oversight.